Policy & Practice

As an environmental chemistry and toxicology researcher, I believe I have an obligation to use scientific evidence to advocate for policies and practices that benefit society.

Most developing countries do not have infrastructure to uptake scientific evidence in policymaking, business, or the public arena.

I am interested in establishing vibrant science-media, science-policy, and science-practice interfaces in Zimbabwe.

Equipping future science journalists

Science journalists play a crucial role in promoting science literacy in policymaking and public conversations. In democratic societies, science, technology, and innovation can only become drivers of economic growth and social development when there is a vibrant science journalism culture. Sadly, science journalism is often overlooked in the newsroom in favor of politics, sports, scandals, and catastrophes. I co-founded the Zimbabwe Young Academy of Sciences Mass Media Fellowship as a platform to train a new generation of media practitioners who are passionate about communicating in plain language complex scientific information to the public with the goal of encouraging spotlighting intersections between science and policy. Learn more

Further reading:

Peters, H.P., Gap between science and media revisited: Scientists as public communicators. PNAS 2013, 11 (3), 14102–14109

Promoting science-policy-practice interactions

Addressing global challenges requires that scientists, policymakers, and business leaders work together to develop innovative but feasible solutions. This can only happen when there is a platform that facilitates knowledge transfer between experts at national, regional, and international level. For that reason, I founded the National Innovation Forum in 2021 as a platform for science, government, and business leaders to exchange ideas on addressing global challenges in Zimbabwe. The National Innovation Forum bridged gap between various stakeholders and offered an opportunity for timely exchange of ideas. In addition, the Forum created opportunities for partnerships between private business and academia. Overall, I am interested in exploring varies approaches for improving the role of science, technology, and innovation in policymaking and practice. Learn more

Further reading:

Dilling, L., & Lemos, M. C. Creating usable science: Opportunities and constraints for climate knowledge use and their implications for science policy. Global Environmental Change 2011. 21(2), 680-689.

Milman, A., MacDonald, A. Focus on interactions between science-policy in groundwater systems. Environmental Research Letters 2020. 15, 090201

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