I am interested in developing tools for assessing the environmental chemodynamics and ecotoxicocological mechanisms and pathways of synthetic chemicals.

I integrated environmental chemistry, microbial ecology, and in vitro toxicology to understand the impact of humans on the environment.

Marine health

I am interested in developing techniques for assessing the health of marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, and porpoise. Marine pollution threatens the health and populations of vulnerable marine mammals. I am interested in answering these four questions: where are the pollutants coming from, how do we know if marine pollutions are threatening marine mammals, which marine mammals are at risk, and what can we do about it? For that reason, my research developed tools for estimating the risk posed by chemical pollutants in piscivorous cetaceans using fish as bioindicators.

Chiral Pollutants

I leverage stereochemistry as a tool for understanding, as well as reducing, pollution burdens in the environment. Many chemicals such as most pharmaceuticals and some pesticides are chiral compounds that exists as two or more stereoisomers. They have similar physical and chemical properties but different biological properties. I am interested in developing new methods for separating and identifying chiral pollutants and then using stereochemistry to better understand the behavior and toxicity of the pollutants in different environments.

Microbial Ecology

My research explores the impact of human activities on the complex interactions between the environment and microorganisms in soils and aquatic environments. I have previously investigated the effects of aquaculture on benthic microorganisms in estuaries, the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance genes in freshwater systems, and the application of extremophiles in treating environments impacted by textile effluent. I am interested in using environmental DNA as a tool for understanding the impact of chemical pollutants on biogeochemical cycles in aquatic environments.

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